•  To develop confident, independent, and happy children.

  • Introduce each child to the joy of learning in a stimulating, loving, and carefully prepared environment.

  • Each child is able to work with the specialised learning materials at his own pace according to his own skills and needs.

  • Each child is taught individually with the materials therefore meeting the childs individual needs.

  • The children learn that school can be an unending adventure – one that inspires a lifetime of discovery.  

We Provide:

Unique Country Setting

Specialised learning materials

One-on-one teaching

Nurturing and loving environment

Qualified and experienced teaching staff

Small classes

Extra murals

Holiday programme

Our School

The Field and Montessori Pre-School established in 1992 is a well recognised  and sought after Montessori Pre-School and is nestled in a beautiful, tranquil park in the heart of bustling Sandton.


We are a Mother and Daughter team sharing our passion for educating young children giving them the best start in life!


What makes the Field and Study Montessori Pre-school so unique?


Our Nature based setting is the ideal learning environment for optimum learning for young children


  • Research has proven that children that are exposed to nature  has numerous long term benefits that  fosters their intellectual, emotonal, social and physical develtopmetnt. Our large open playgrounds,  shaded trees with  fresh green grass, colourful flowers, bird life, rabbist and bunnies allow children to experience the sights, sounds and textures of outdoors. Children look forward to their weekly nature walks in the park which includes walks to the river to look at the ducks or waterfalls , visits to the stables , collecting pine cones and picking flowers through the forests and much more


  • Our preschool consists of two classes ensuring that each child is given the special attention they deserve in a loving and nutruing enviorment. We will celebrate your child’s unique qualities and develop their sense of confidence and independence.


  • Our school is equipped with concrete, stimulating Montessori learning materials where children work at their own pace according their individual and specific needs to reach their full potential.


  • We believe that working together as a parent, child, teacher partnership is a vital component to ensure your child receives the best attention at all times

The Field and Study Montessori combines the best of the Montessori and Traditional/Early Childhood Development teaching philosophies in order to achieve educational excellence!

Our Programmes

16months - 3 Years

Toddler Programme

Our approach to learning and teaching is through child centred play and education. We have a fully equipped nursery together with elementary Montessori materials.

3 - 5 years

Pre-School Programme

Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence; our pre-school class will be the perfect place for them to learn and grow.

Extra Murals

Extra Murals

Our Pre-School offers a variety of extra murals held at our school. These are optional. 

Holiday Care

Holiday Programme

We look after your child during the April, August and December school holidays!

All children welcome.

What the Parents say:


— Dr. Colinda Linde

Clinical Psychologist

“If you are considering a Montessori approach, yet with awareness of preparing children for schooling in a traditional environment, I recommend a visit to this school. May you be as pleasantly surprised as we were, by attention to detail and a sincere wish to make a positive difference for every child."

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