Celebrating 30 years of educational excellence!


"When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength"

 Dr. Maria Montessori

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Our Approach

The Field and Montessori Pre-School, established in 1992, is a well recognised, sought after Montessori Pre-School and is nestled in a beautiful, tranquil park in the heart of bustling Sandton. The Field and Study Montessori Pre-schools unique, nature-based setting and successful learning programme provides an ideal learning environment for young children.


Julia Gorham, Principal and founder of many early Montessori Pre-Schools, is an Educational Specialist, contributing writer to parenting magazines, founder of an award winning parenting website and has complied many teaching manuals. 


Julia  Gorham together with her daughter, Gabby, are a dedicated mother and daughter team who share their passion for educating young children, giving them the best start in life! Together, they celebrate  each child’s unique qualities developing their sense of confidence and independence, instilling a love for learning.


Julia and Gabby believe that working together as a parent, child, teacher partnership is a vital component to ensure your child receives the best attention at all times.



Playgroup is a place where your child can enjoy supervised play in a loving, caring and stimulating environment. 

Toddler Class

Our approach to learning and teaching is through child centred play and education. We have a fully equipped nursery together with elementary Montessori materials.

Preschool Class

Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence; our pre-school class will be the perfect place for them to learn and grow.


Holiday Programme

We look after your child during the April, August and December school holidays!​

All children welcome.

the importance of nature


What Parents Think

“If you are considering a Montessori approach, yet with awareness of preparing children for schooling in a traditional environment, I recommend a visit to this school. May you be as pleasantly surprised as we were, by attention to detail and a sincere wish to make a positive difference for every child."

 Dr. Colinda Linde

Clinical Psychologist