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Our aim is to develop confident, independent, and happy children. We are able to do this by introducing each child to the joy of learning in a stimulating, loving, and carefully prepared environment. Each child is able to work with the specialised learning materials at his own pace according to his own skills and needs. Each child is taught individually with the materials therefore meeting the childs individual needs. The children learn that school can be an unending adventure – one that inspires a lifetime of discovery. The Field and Study Montessori Pre-School is here to nurture your child and to help you with the important work of guiding your child’s intellectual, emotional and physical development.

Toddler Programme

Our approach to learning and teaching is through child centred play and education. We have a fully equipped nursery together with elementary Montessori materials.


Julia Gorham, a well recognized Montessori Educator, has developed an excellent and highly successful learning program for young children that has provided children with the best start in life.

Heads of many Private Primary Schools in Sandton have personally contacted Julia Gorham praising the Fields and Study Montessori Pre- Schools high standard of education and noted that children who attended the Field and Study Montessori Pre- School are the best prepared children with advanced learning skills, confidence and independence.

Pre-School Programme

Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence; our pre-school class will be the perfect place for them to learn and grow.

Extra Murals

Our Pre-School offers a variety of extra murals held at our school. These are optional. 


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About Us

Learn more about our Pre-School and our facilities. 

The Importance of Nature


There are many benefits and wonders of nature for Preschoolers. Children who experience nature and an outdoor learning environment will find this contributes to their healthy development. The children who attend the Fields Montessori preschool become close to nature and are exposed to weekly nature walks, which includes river walks, gazing at fish and ducks swimming by, playing under the shade of trees, tossing autumn leaves, observing bird life, picking dandelions and wild flowers, selecting acorns, playing in the sand with sticks, collecting pine cones, running in the forests, playing hide and seek, having open ended discussions about nature and much more. We also enjoy playing the ‘I spy game’ encouraging children to see the natural wonders in nature. These weekly nature activities give children great pleasure, with direct hands on experience and develop a reference for life that cannot be fostered as profoundly in any other way, resulting in a sense of calmness, increased physical activity, lifting moods and celebrating the beauty of nature. Regular family outings, where children are exposed to natural settings is essential for the well being of children.

"when children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength"

- Dr Maria Montessori

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