Toddler Class

16 months - 3 years old


Our Toddler Programme offers children from 16 months to 3 years a unique and happy start to school and ensures self-development in a loving,warm atmosphere of special understanding and support taking into account their individual needs.


Our Toddler programme encourages vocabulary development, independence, and self-confidence.

Our toddler programme curriculum includes the following:​

Circle time

These are daily gatherings of the Montessori class and occur at the beginning and end of the day as well as at transition times. Circle time includes: singing, rhymes, story time, naming of colours, shapes, identifying body parts, theme discussions, picture cards, weather chart, dance/mime, grace and courtesies and more.


These take place during the course of the morning. Each child is invited to work with a special Montessori activity and taught individually with the concrete Montessori materials. Children are given one to one lessons each day with the teacher. It includes direct and indirect aims, control of error, points of interest, and extensions.

Practical Life 

Practical Life activities are the traditional works of the family and home. They allow children to gain independence and self-discipline, develop gross and fine motor skills, build concentration, as well as indirectly prepare for math and writing.


Sensorial work covers every quality that can be perceived by the senses. The purpose and aim of Sensorial work is for the child to acquire clear, conscious, information and to be able to then make classifications in the environment. The Sensorial and Practical Life work is unique to the Montessori classroom.

Grace and Courtesy

Toddlers are in a sensitive period for learning good manners and becoming aware of being part of a community. Common courtesies such as saying please and thank you, how to share with others, waiting your turn and how to interrupt are presented as role play lessons to the children.

In the garden

This is a time for fun play, social interaction and exploration of the children’s garden. Motor co-ordination groups and games are held in the garden on a weekly basis. Our beautiful large play areas consists of scented flowers, home grown vegetables, wooden jungle gyms, sandpits, a trampoline, outside toys and wild rabbits.

Creative art

Children participate in daily art activities according to the weekly theme as well as sensory /water play and free painting.