Dr Colinda Linde - Clinical Psychologist

When you leave your child in the care of strangers, for several hours a day, you have to be sure about your decision. From the very first moment we encountered Field and Study Montessori Pre-school, we were pleasantly surprised, all four of us felt heard and nurtured throughout this year.

A parent’s focus is always on the well being and happiness of their child, and whenever there is a major decision to be made, this is even more so. The choice of school, especially in the formative years, is one of the most nerve-wracking for the modern parent-so many options, so many options, but how to know which one will nurture and grow your little one in the best possible way? When you leave your precious child in the care of strangers, for several hours every day and have no idea what they are learning and storing as part of their make-up, you have to be sure about your decision. With this in mind, we contacted the Field and Study Montessori Preschool. By then we knew clearly what we did NOT want (harsh and autocratic headmistresses, children lumped together as a uniform mass, individuality pathologised or discounted, chaos in the classroom), so it was with pleasure that we encountered quite the opposite. From the very first contact with a teacher at the school, to meeting with the head, there was uniform professionalism and a genuine desire to understand the diverse needs of ourselves as parents, and those of each of our children. All four of us have felt heard and nurtured, as well as through gaining skills such as problem-solving, conflict resolution, and individualised input (academically and emotionally) for both children, has been a wonderful experience to watch unfold. It is truly amazing what potential flows outward from a child, when they are in an optimal environment! It has been a rich and fulfilling experience this year, and all of us will have fond and happy memories of this year. If you are considering a Montessori approach, yet with awareness of preparing children for schooling in a traditional environment, I recommend a visit to this school. May you be as pleasantly surprised as we were, by attention to detail and a sincere wish to make a positive difference for every child.

Avital Pinchevsky

Our daughter Olive entered the Field and Study Montessori Pre- School just before she turned two. We were quite worried about sending her to school as she is a very sensitive child. It turns out that sending her to this particular school was the best thing that we could have done!

Olive simply blossomed thanks to gentle, loving encouragement of her teachers. She became a social butterfly as she made her first proper friends an her self worth and independence grew exponentially. The school is a warm, safe and encouraging space, where the childrens senses and minds are engaged in a consistent, gentle way.

I cannot recommend the school enough. It’s been wonderful experience for our daughter and we thank the teachers for helping our baby become such an independent and confident little girl.

The Gilfillans

Hello! I was looking through some of my Montessori training work from 1994, and I saw a few photos of our precious daughters. They went to Rivonia Montessori School, and that period shaped their whole lives. They have loved learning ever since and I must give some of the credit to you. Thank you for building such a beautiful school, and for providing my young children a loving environment in which to develop. Christina is now 24, was graduated from the University of California, with double majors in English and political science. She currently is in her second year at Temple University Beasley School of Law. Jessica, 21, is in college studying early childhood education.

Lungi Morrison

Having a first child is always one of the most daunting; if not the most daunting experience, one goes through in their lifetime. Having a first child as a single parent is even more frightening despite having extended family, the reality of all those ‘Firsts’ in your child’s life completely unnerving. One of these is of course the ‘first school’, which schooling environment would complement & support us in the way we need without creating a sense of lack was what was top of mind for me. I have to say, making the decision choice to take my son to Field & Study Montessori from about two & a half years old was the best decision I could have made not only for my peace of mind but, a decision that I can already see has and, most certainly will positively impacted my son life going forward – this decision has in many ways, set the tone for the kind of individual he will be for the rest of his life. We started out in the Bunny group, specifically created for littlies, helping them adjust to life outside of home, interacting with other children, a fun, safe and engaging space to learn and grow. We then moved onto the Hippo group where biggies are introduced to numeracy & literacy skills, alongside the practical life & growth elements as we know them, premised on the Montessori model creatively and individually tailored to suite each child. As a single mother, I cannot express just how supported I have felt every single day, through every single stage of my sons developmental journey – the school also guiding one to apply key principles at home to encourage the child with consistent messages, principles & developmental philosophy’s. My son’s confidence, social/inter-personal skills, discipline, not to mention significant growth seen with his numbers and overall cognitive abilities. Our Field & Study Montessori experience, is truly the embodiment of Maria Montessori’s words, ‘Children are human beings to whom respect is due……the things he sees are not just remembered; they form a part of his soul’. I know my son’s soul will always draw from the special, fun, warm, loving & nurturing experience created at this very precious school.

Nkhensani and Zam Nkosi

We began our journey with Field and Study Montessori about six years ago with our first child Zenzo. After a couple of years of agonising about our first born’s well being in the hands of caregivers, we had finally found what was to be our home for the next couple of years. Our son who had often come home teary before his Montessori experience, told us one day that his teacher “believes in me” -something that has stuck with us and him since then. It is amazing how such a small gesture on her part has shaped both his self esteem and our understanding of the role of teachers in our childrens lives. All three of our kids still miss their little school with all their hearts. They still wonder why they ever had to leave! If we could we would clone you all so you could be there through all stages of our children’s schooling career. We appreciate your patience, your loving approach and most of all your focus on nurturing potential. We wish you all the best in the world and that your love and dedication to what you do reaches many more. Thanks for playing a critical role in all our childrens’ lives over the years. It is deeply appreciated. We love you all and wish you all the best.

Nangula Kauluma 

I just want to say a tremendous heartfelt thank you for the most wonderful 2 years. Che settled into his school routine and life so quickly it was hard to believe that this little boy had moved countries, let alone schools! The quality of the teaching was outstanding and the school was the perfect balance between providing a loving secure environment and ensuring the necessary boundaries and disciplines were in place. I have no doubt that choosing Field & Study Montessori Pre-School was the best possible decision when we relocated to Joburg and wouldn’t choose it any other way if I had to do it again. Che has adjusted brilliantly to “Big School” at SACS and is loving it! He’s already reading and writing as though he’s been at it for a while and I have no doubt that a wonderful foundation was laid during his time in the Hippo group

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