Hygiene Protocol

Your childs health, safety and well-being is our first priority!

At the Field and Study Montessori Pre-School we acknowledge the importance of hygiene for young children. We take various precautions and follow a strict hand washing schedule in order to ensure that your child stays healthy and happy!

What we do to implement hygiene at our Pre-School:

  • Everyone, including parents and children, will be required to have their temperature taken before entering the school.

  • Children and parents hands will be sprayed with hand sanitiser before entering the classroom. 

  • Hand sanitisers will be available around the classrooms throughout the day

  • Routine hand washing - with anti-bacterial hand wash/soap

  • Daily hygiene lessons - educating the children on the importance of hygiene ​(eg. how to sneeze/cough into their arms or use a tissue, avoid touching faces, no sharing drinks, utensils etc.)

  • The school equipment, shelves, lockers etc. will be sanitised on a daily basis. 

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